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If you have got a decent amount of followers and want to promote your blog or any kind of business further, then start using Google AdWords. But before you start using it, you need to keep in mind some important points which I have discussed below. Also note that in this post, I have mentioned business which are of all types whether it’s an e-commerce, real estate, offline, blog etc

  1. If you want to reach new customers and grow your business, then Google AdWords is a right place for you. It’s a customer-driven platform where you can:
  • Set your budget on your own, any amount of your choice, without paying any extra amount for creating an ad or posting it
  • You can choose where you want your ad to appear
  • Measure the impact of your ad and
  • Stop or pause your ad anytime.

By this way your ad will appear beside relevant content, people will click on your ad and they will connect to your business.

2. While creating your ad, you should keep in mind about the Ad Rank. Ad Rank is the value assigned to your ad which will decide whether your ad is eligible to be shown or not. You will get a value base on the two factors- Bid amount and the Quality score. So, the formula is:

Ad Rank= Bid Amount * Quality Score

Quality score If you want your ad to be on top of others or want your ad to be shown then you must focus on the quality score. It is the quality of your ad which is based on the:

Relevance– whether your ad is relevant to your keyword or not,

Landing page– when you click on the ad it will take you to the page called landing page. Make sure that your landing page should contain what you have mentioned in the ad,

Ad Format– for example, you have created 5 types of ad and your competitor has created 2 types of the ad then your ad will be given priority.

Ad Extension– addition information along the text ads.

Biding– it’s like an auction which is done for a relevant keyword. Let’s say you sell shoes and you want to show the ad on a search engine results page then you bid for a relevant keyword like shoes or sports shoes etc. If the maximum bid for a keyword is $0.5 then your bid amount should be $1.

By this way, your chances of showing an ad on top of the page are higher.

3. But it all depends on the Ad Rank. If you want your ad to be shown, then you need to first focus on the quality of your ad which is most important. If your bid is low and your quality is high, then your ad will be preferred over others. But to increase the chance of showing the ad and make it to the top, try to keep the bids competitive enough to compete the advisers.

4. You can show your ad either on any website (which is known as display network), on a result page (called search network) or on both the networks. So, it’s up to you to decide where you want your ad to be seen.

5.  Last but not the least you can create up to 10,000 campaigns, 20,000 ad groups, 50 text ads and you can choose up to 1 million keywords. Amazing, right?


Google AdWords have been beneficial for many businesses. So, think about your business objective and decide accordingly. There is no harm in experimenting with this after all we have to decide the budget and can also stop this whenever we want to.

What do you think about Google AdWords? Have you ever tried it or going to try this in future?

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