Hello everyone,

I am sure you have been listening to this term growth hacking that has become a buzzword It means growing rapidly with a limited amount of marketing spend. I mentioned limited amount of market spend because there are many people or media who says they spend $0 on marketing to acquire a large number of users. I think this is impossible! Your company cannot become huge without spending any amount.

So, growth hacking is a process and mindset which are short-lived and we need to keep finding new ways and ideas like for example Pokémon go was a huge success so we as a marketer need to think that what we can do in our campaigns to ride in this new wave. This is one way to find the hacks.

Marketing tactics that have elements of growth hacking are inbound and conversation marketing. In simple words, if you can predict what people are going to search today, then you can find several hacks and

  • You can create content ahead of time so that you are found in SEO results.
  • You can run advertisements on that “search” in Google and Facebook.

It’s a short-term hack. But for limited releases, the spike could be huge.

Another form of growth hack or Engagement Hack is through push notification for browsers. Facebook increased users through this. As compared to email, email is opened less and push notifications are clicked or viewed more.

This is the background of growth hacking with some examples. Now I would like to share with you 13 hacks to drive “free” traffic:

  1. Post quality content on slide-share, YouTube and try to make your content visual.
  2. Write guest blog posts on relevant high traffic authority sites.
  3. Answer questions on Quora forums.
  4. Comment marketing– this is a misused concept. Many people think that if you simply comment on a blog or any article like “nice post” then you will get traffic to your blog. Wrong! This is not the way of increasing traffic through comments. Let’s say you read an article related to your startup, then you can rank high on comments and draw traffic to your site by sharing your link on the comment section and giving your point of view about it.
  5. Trends on Hacker News or Reddit will get great ROI.
  6. Press coverage– startups should focus and pay great effort to get their story out. This will help in SEO and can be influential. So, tell your story most often.
  7. Start a meetup or a Facebook group and post there.
  8. Post on websites like Craigslist, Quicker
  9. Conduct webinars.
  10. Create white papers or e-books for download.
  11. Tweet relevant trends with relevant # on twitter.
  12. Continue practicing SEO.
  13. Be an influencer because it is trending these days and going to increase in 2017.


These were the few basic points which I wanted to share with  you. Just keep an eye on the trends and enjoy the wave by sharing your knowledge through your blogs or promoting your business/products. You can apply the above mentioned free hacks and it will definitely help you. Later on, you can switch to payment mode of hacking through advertisements.

Thanks for reading!

Note: This is based on DV webinar.