Did you know that 84.1% people watch videos online and 24.3% people watch daily? These days videos are considered to be one of the most important parts of marketing strategy. People have also shifted to vlogging. So let’s discuss how we can make use of the videos efficiently and what are the important points we should keep in mind while making a video.

The 5 nightmarish words which people think or ask are “MAKE ME A VIRAL VIDEO”. First of all its the people, the story which makes the video viral. So instead of thinking about how to make a video viral or what should I do to make the video viral, think about what you want to convey to your audience through your videos or what people would like to see. Ask yourself the first most important question – What is the value it will add to the users who watches my videos?

Think about the 3E Formula:

  1. Endearing video– which is a heart-warming or the video that touches the lives of the people.
  2. Enlightening video– which is a provocative video that gives information and solution.
  3. Entertaining video– which is a light video that pokes fun.

Also, don’t forget to these 3 things before you start making videos.

  1. Research about the brand or whatever your video is going to be about from the customers’ standpoint.
  2. Know the brand and brand proposition very well.
  3. What is the problem that you want to solve?

After working on these above-mentioned points, start making your videos. I would like to show you some example regarding what are the important points you should keep in mind while making a video.

Google Chrome Tanjore commercial is one of the examples which became so popular that it became a television commercial.  Do watch this video!

After watching this video, you might be thinking that “what is the secret sauce for the content of the video” and the answer is:

  1. Understand how content is consumed online.
  2. Speak the language of your user; crowdsource ideas if possible.
  3. People remember stories, not ads; tell a story.
  4. Get a buy-in from them on a topic before introducing the brand and brand proposition.
  5. Remember online videos aren’t quick fix jobs.

Confused? Let me simplify these points. Your viewers will not remember your video completely but they will remember the story which you tried to tell through the video. You need to first heighten the problems faced by the people, then show the solutions. Show them how you will solve the problems.

To simplify these points further, keep yourself in place of the audience and imagine what kind of video you would like to see. What are your expectations from the video as an audience? We always remember good stories which we came across in our lives.

And remember one thing, DO NOT spend a large amount of money just for a video to get promoted because it’s not a quick fix job. Try to keep the budget low, in the end, only the quality or the content matters. 

Watch this interesting video of dove real beauty campaign which conveys a very important message or thought about inner beauty. Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think . After watching this video you will realize that a story plays a vital role in a video/video marketing.

Notice one common thing in these two videos which are mentioned above (Google Chrome Tanjore commercial and dove real beauty campaign ). These videos are in sync. with the title which is again, an important point which you should keep in mind because in the title does not match the video then your videos are more likely to be disliked by the people and it will also be ranked low by the Google.

Another question which is most commonly asked by the people is “how long should the video be – 15 seconds or 2 minutes?” And the answer is:

  1. As long as it makes the point for which it has been made for!!
  2. An audience might be more impatient but always willing to spend time for good content.
  3. An engaged viewership leads to high online sales.

There’s more….

  • Try to give a singular message in each video with consumer insight at the heart of it.
  • Generate curiosity in first few seconds.
  • It’s not true that only humor videos are shared most.

I think I have explained enough important points which you need to keep in mind while watching. Do watch the above-mentioned videos to take inspiration from them. If you want to see more then watch DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades Are F***ing Great .

Now go and start making videos!

WAIT!!! How and Where will you promote the videos??? Study the opportunities that the hosting platform provides.


On Youtube:

  • Titles and description are most important.
  • Tags help in the search.
  • Give annotations.


On Instagram:

  • Hashtags are the best ways to make it visible.
  • Make a circle of like-minded Instagrammers and share each other’s work.
  • Importantly, leverage your social media assets for cross promotion.
  • Use ads to generate initial traction and momentum.
  • Get influencers to make your videos to leverage their domain knowledge and followers.


On Facebook:

  • Ease of discovery and sharing.
  • Content used is more disposable in nature. Like you must have seen videos of cats, dogs or babies. These videos are not remembered much and are disposed of.
  • Entertaining but not educational – mostly for B2C.
  • More suited to brands that value eyeballs not monetizing.


Video plays an important role in our lives and so is video marketing. They are easy to promote and convey our message. We need to keep in mind the following points.

  1. 3E Formula (Endearing video, Enlightening video, and Entertaining video) to building value;
  2. Know the brand, it’s proposition and the problem it wants to solve;
  3. Speak the language of the users i.e. what users will be expecting from the videos;
  4. Tell a story, people remember names, not data
  5. The video should be as long as it makes the point.
  6. Singular message with each video and finally,
  7. Leverage social media assets and influencers.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow me to receive more from this site!

Note: The content is based on the digital vidya webinar.