Hello World!

I am Vidisha and I started blogging recently. It’s been more than a week that I posted my 3 personal blogs. I know I should have written this post about myself earlier, but I wasn’t ready that time. Better late than never!  I have always loved reading and writing and even dreamt of becoming an author (after reading Harry Potter in school). When I was in the final year of college, I, for the first time, heard about digital media and got interested in it. One of the fields is digital marketing which I am pursuing and I came up with an idea. I have decided to share with you all content related to digital marketing and whatever I will come across in news, books etc. The reasons why I have decided to do this are:

  1. I have always loved writing but for the first time, I have decided to make it public through my blog because more I share my views in public, more you will give feedback and more I will learn. This I have observed in twitter, the more I engage the more I will receive help from everyone which helps in increasing knowledge.
  2. I want to share about digital marketing because this is my area of interest.
  3. I will also be sharing my reviews of the books which I will come across.
  4. After the completion of my  course, I have decided to post more about what is happening in day-to-day life related to this field.
  5.  Also, I want to help you all in this field whichever way it’s possible.

I am hoping to engage with as many people as possible so that I can continue to share my views and learn from you. Your feedback matters as it will always help me to correct myself and learn from my mistakes. Most importantly, I will appreciate your ideas and what you want to see in my blog or what changes you want so that I can continue and expand to more topics.

It was very difficult for me to start but I am glad that I finally started with this. Please do read, comment, like and share. Visit: My Site

 Thank you!