Email Marketing is the oldest, basic and fundamental form of digital marketing. It is going to increase in the coming years (visit So we as an email marketer should know what all steps are required to send an email and increase our presence and money. But before we move on to these steps, we should think like a customer. This means that as a customer, what would you expect from the brand,products or the website through which you are going to increase your visibility. As users/customers, we all are frustrated with the bulk mails which we receive almost every day not only from the unknown people or email addresses but even from those whom we have subscribed. Therefore we, as email marketers, have to keep in mind the ways by which we can constantly engage with customers and increase our presence or visibility without forcing them to spam us.

  • Permission Marketing

download-1Before you start sending emails to your customers, make sure that you have been given permission by the customers. For example, if the customers have subscribed or signed in to your site, newsletter etc. If you don’t then they will mark you as spam or if the mail already contains malicious content, then it will automatically reach the spam folder.

  • Conversation not Broadcasting

4Have you ever experienced lots of emails from unknown addresses? Even some of those websites to whom you have subscribed or you have given permission to send lots of emails which is very frustrating and force the subscribers to unsubscribe. This is a very common problem which we as a customer or a subscriber face. The reason is that most of the email marketers act as broadcasters who shout one message to large audience. This means that the one who is sending an email s sending to a very large group of people. This is not a right way of emailing! As an email marketer, we should interact/engage with the customers in small groups. Its as if you are interacting to your friends or the whom you know. This is the way by which we can build loyalty by treating our customers as our friends.

  • Content

download-2The above 2 points are the most important steps for the email marketers to follow which usually they avoid. After following these steps properly, the next major thing we need to follow is precise and simple content. The content should be relevant, specific, small and precise. It should not contain many links. Remember that customers don’t have much time to read the emails. So, the text and images ratio should be maintained.

  • Your Email Address- It is important to keep in mind that your email id should have your company or a website name so that it doesn’t land up in the recipients’ spam folder. Make sure that the email ids of the customers are also correct otherwise it will lead to hard bounce and your email will never reach the inbox.
  • Say NO to Bulk Mailing and Cold Calling- Many email marketers follow these methods of bulk mailing and cold calling which is wrong. We should not send emails in bulk and send them to unknown people because such mails are reported as spam. Your emails can also soft bounce. This means that it will bounce back to you for at least 3 times in every  12 minutes. This is like a chance given to you to check what is wrong in the mail. But after the mail bounces 3 time you will not be able to send the mail again. So be careful at what you are sending!

These are the few important steps you need to keep in my for sending emails as an email marketer. There are many more things which you should know like how the email reaches your recipients. Have you ever wondered how an email reaches its destination within a fraction of seconds?  There are 5 ways by which an email reaches. By knowing this you will come to know about how an email reaches the inbox or reach a spam folder. Also you will come to know about the ways an email bounces, blacklisted and so on and so forth. To know about these 5 ways an email reaches to its destination, click on the following link:


 “Losers try to convince people they are thirsty; winners sell ice water in the desert”- Perry Marshall. We are not the losers who try to convince people who are not interested in us. We are the winners who engage with those who know us and need us. We do not need those who are not interested in our service and we cannot force them to like us. We should serve those who need us and there are many people who will show interest and further recommend people about us. By this way we can increase our presence and earn more.